A Journey Back In Time: Restoring A Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback

Images: Pavan Kadam

In the world of classic cars, there are treasures that stand out as unique gems, and the 1967 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback is one of them. Taranjit Singh, a passionate VW enthusiast, embarked on an extraordinary journey when he acquired this classic beauty in 2013, and what followed was a remarkable tale of restoration and adventure with his friend Pavan Kadam.

The distinctive, sweeping body design, which made the car look like a sports coupe

Restoration is a labour of love, a dance with history, and a commitment to preserving automotive heritage. The perspective on restoration is clear: “Bringing life back into a vehicle, as close to the original as possible while keeping it period-correct and making it practical for regular use,” says Pavan, the restorer. This philosophy became the guiding star in the transformation of the beloved ‘67 Fastback.

The Fastback, as the name suggests, featured a sleek and aerodynamic fastback body style

The restoration of the Type 3 VW Fastback took place over the course of a year at BugStop in Bangalore. It was no ordinary project. The car, though in its original condition, had seen better days, marred by the inevitable effects of time. Rust had taken its toll, and the vehicle demanded extensive care and attention.

Sharing a mutual love for the VW fastback, the owner Taranjit Singh (at left) and restorer Pavan Kadam (on the right)

Every step in the restoration process was a challenge and an achievement. From dismantling to assembling, every moment was a testament to dedication and skill. Unexpected surprises would often arise as they dug deeper into the car’s history and condition. However, these challenges were met with unwavering determination.

After a year of meticulous work, the Fastback was transformed into a sublime masterpiece. It looked and ran exactly as Taranjit had envisioned, a testament to the power of restoration and the dedication of those who undertake it.

Powering the car is a 1.6-liter, flat-four unit, producing 54bhp 

What makes this car truly special is not just its classic appeal, but the fact that it’s a 1967 model, which came with unique features for that year. It’s a rarity in the country, and owning one is a privilege. Pavan, the founder of BugStop was deeply passionate for Volkswagen cars made this restoration more meaningful, especially because it was for a dear friend who shared his enthusiasm for VWs.

Let’s drive into the technical details of the 1967 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback, a car that is not only a symbol of the era but technically interesting. Its 1.6-litre air-cooled flat-four engine developed a modest 54 horsepower. The precise four-speed manual transmission pleased driving enthusiasts. The suspension featured an independent front setup with torsion bars and a swing axle rear.

Hydraulic drum brakes at all wheels, while not as modern, were reliable. The sleek fastback body style, comfortable and functional interior made it an iconic choice. Thanks to its lightweight design and efficient engine, it was fuel-efficient.

Produced globally in 1967, it varied by markets. This model is remembered for solidifying Volkswagen’s reputation for affordable, reliable, and stylish cars, showcasing engineering prowess and design innovation. It’s a classic of its time.

The interior of the Fastback was designed with a focus on providing a comfortable driving experience

One of the most cherished memories Pavan has with this car is the post-restoration drive to Assam via Bhutan to deliver it to its rightful owner. It was a journey that spanned miles and decades, bridging the gap between the past and the present. The car wasn’t just a machine; it was a vessel of nostalgia, a portal to a bygone era.

The appreciation of the 1967 Volkswagen Fastback didn’t just stop at a personal level. It also made a mark in the wider classic car community by being declared the Runner-Up at the 21 Gun Salute Concours in 2020, a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship that went into its restoration.

Classic elegance meets history as this Fastback joins a bunch of Volkswagens 

In Taranjit Singh’s collection, the 1967 Volkswagen Fastback sits alongside other cherished classics, a 1973 Type 1 Super Beetle, a 1942 Ford Jeep, and a ‘70s Jeep Wagoneer Pick-Up, each with its unique story to tell.

This journey with the 1967 Volkswagen Fastback is more than just a restoration project. It’s a testament to the power of passion and dedication, a journey through time, and a reminder that some treasures are worth preserving and sharing with the world. This VW Fastback’s story is a tribute to the magic of classic cars and the enduring spirit of restoration, connecting generations through the love of automotive history.

The Type 3 Fastback was part of a range that solidified Volkswagen's place in automotive history as a brand that produced affordable, reliable, yet stylish cars

Taranjit Singh’s decision to restore a 1967 Volkswagen Fastback reflects not just a passion for classic cars but a commitment to preserving and celebrating the technical achievements of an iconic era in automotive history. This car is more than just a classic beauty; it’s a time machine that allows us to experience the engineering and design of the past!

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Ambreen Hossain

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