An Ode To The Ambassador

Images: Deepanjan Sarkar

When you start an Amby, you start a story. A story, a journey and an ode. 'An Ode To The Ambassador' is a tribute by 19-year-old Ambreen Hossain to the car that embodies the heritage of India and that of Indian roads; as it is the only Indian car with the longest production run. Based on the 1956 Morris Oxford Series III, the Hindustan Ambassador has long reigned as the queen of the road in India.

When you see a machine so serene,‌‌

Something about heritage is reigning, running and wheeling‌

‌When she starts, a story begins‌‌

And as the story begins it calls out for an ode,

‌‌An ode to the Ambassador

Hindustan Motors Amby‌‌ Runs like it holds dignity,‌

‌Or maybe the record for the longest production for fifty-six long years,‌‌

Alongside it holds the title of world’s best taxi,

‌‌Believe me, it's some sort of ataraxy!

HM in 1956 got their rights of tooling series three Morris Oxford,‌

‌And Hindustan Motors Ambassador sobriquets as Amby, the king of Indian roads‌‌

Still running like it holds the dignity, title and the record

How elegantly it carries you, me and everyone;‌

‌Regardless of status as it says ‘No refusal, No discrimination’‌‌

Amby is what culture looks like on wheels,

‌‌Sitting in an Ambassador is how heritage feels.

Ambreen Hossain

Ambreen Hossain

My love for automobile is something which runs in my blood especially for the vintage ones. I like to portray it through my words and verse. Hope you enjoyed the read!


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