Another Flamboyant Pegaso Z-102B, Coachbuilt by Jacques Saoutchik

Images: Hagerty

Hagerty returned to the recent Goodwood Revival in style with one of the rarest cars of the event. This stunning 1954 Pegaso was built in the old Hispano-Suiza factory and features an all-alloy 90-degree V8 with four overhead camshafts. The V8 revs to 9000rpm, and a variety of carburetion set-ups was offered from new, including a single Weber for touring, twin carburettors for amateur competition, or a race specification with four carburettors.

Jacque Saoutchik_Pegaso Z-102B_01
Another of Jacques Saoutchik's flamboyant designs from the post-War period

The glamorous Z-102B which was on display is one of 18 cars bodied by Saoutchik between 1952 and 1954, a coachbuilder which had a long tradition of creating some of the most spectacular-looking automobiles.

Jacque Saoutchik_Pegaso Z-102B_02
A compact flowing greenhouse marked the sportiness of the design

Founded by Jacques Saoutchik, a cabinetmaker turned coachbuilder, the company made its mark in the 1930s with a succession of designs for the likes of Hispano-Suiza, Mercedes-Benz and Bucciali.

Jacque Saoutchik_Pegaso Z-102B_03
Although the Pegaso featured the de rigueur tailfins from the 1950s, they were not as prominent as some others

The Hagerty display car is chassis 0146, originally shown at the 1954 Paris Salon in the Grand Palais, where it was purchased by Jean-Claude Lamy. Lamy subsequently entered the car into several competitions including the ‘54 Rallye PanArmoricaine and the Rallye Sablé-Solesmes.

Jacque Saoutchik_Pegaso Z-102B_04
The front end was typical from the 1950s but with a minimalist overrider working as a pair of bumpers

Later, the Saoutchik coupe found its way to America, eventually being sold to Bill Harrah, who added the Pegaso to his ever-growing collection in Reno, Nevada. Harrah kept the highly original Z-102B in his 1450-car museum until his death in 1978.

Jacque Saoutchik_Pegaso Z-102B_05
Two-toning hinted the pre-War style fenders that merged into the post-War ponton style

Then, the Pegaso was acquired by Ralph Engelstad for the Imperial Palace Auto Collection in Las Vegas. In February 2019, 65 years after its debut in the Grand Palais, the Saoutchik coupe returned to Paris to appear at the Rétromobile event.

Jacque Saoutchik_Pegaso Z-102B_06
The interiors was no less flamboyant

In addition to the wonderful Pegaso, the Hagerty stand, situated ‘over the road’ at the 2022 Goodwood Revival Meeting, also featured a Hagerty lounge and bar, a racing simulator and members of the Hagerty team were available to offer advice and guidance on their range of specialist insurance and membership products.

Jacque Saoutchik_Pegaso Z-102B_07
Under the bonnet is that famous V8 that developed between 170 and 275bhp

Mark Roper, Hagerty International Managing Director, was quoted as saying, “What a privilege it is to be custodians of such a rare and beautiful car for the duration of the 2022 Goodwood Revival. Not only did our stand offer a relaxed environment for guests to explore our enthusiast-led products and services, but it also provided a rare opportunity to see the Pegaso Saoutchik Coupe up close, where every detail could be savoured.”


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