Bespoke Porsche 911s, Tailored To Your Taste And Specs

Images: Theon Design

Theon Design, who has built up a reputation for their Porsche 911-based commissions, has significantly expanded its production capabilities with the opening of a new, purpose-built facility, and a series of expert new staff joining the team. Theon Design’s expansion is driven by surging international demand for its bespoke, Porsche 911 commissions, which are offered for sale in every major global territory.

Porsche 911_Theon Design_01
Porsche 911 specialists Theon Design have expanded their facilities

Founded in 2016 by Adam Hawley (a car designer) and business and marketing expert Lucinda Argy, Theon comprises experts in automotive design, engineering, engine and chassis development, along with trim and vehicle manufacturing. It is driven by a desire to build the perfect air-cooled Porsche 911, one that combines the aesthetics and analogue driver involvement of a classic with modern
comfort, drivability and performance.

Hawley, who spent 20 years as a designer working for leading automotive OEMs such as BMW, Jaguar and Lotus, was quoted as saying in their press release: “Our goal is to enhance the Porsche 911 formula, applying an OEM-like approach, using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacture to deliver the highest quality and finish—all while honouring Stuttgart’s rich heritage and engineering ethos.”

Porsche 911_Theon Design_02
An all-new facility has been built at Oxfordshire

For each 911 (964) based commission, every component is 3D scanned and modelled, enabling Theon to assemble each car to the tightest possible tolerances, and create a unique, enhanced 911. A wide range of engines are available—from 285bhp 3.6-litre, 370bhp 3.8-litre and 400bhp naturally-aspirated options to forced induction, with both turbocharging and supercharging also offered.

Clients from around the world, apparently, have been drawn in ever-growing numbers to Theon’s unique proposition, captivated by the prospect of a classic Porsche 911 that incorporates exhaustively engineered OEM+ quality, along with complete personalisation potential; customers are more eager than ever to realise their Porsche 911 fantasy.

Porsche 911_Theon Design_03
Theo Design was founded by car designer Adam Hawley and marketing expert Lucinda Argy

Hawley commented: “We are delighted to have such a passionate client base with whom we closely collaborate on each bespoke commission. We have been equally thrilled by the surge in demand for our cars over the past 18 months; Theon Design has an expanding order bank of Porsche enthusiasts from across the globe, with cars in build for customers in Belgium, Chile, North America and Italy, on top of multiple cars for the UK.”

Theon’s new state state-of-the-art base is located in Deddington, Oxfordshire, nestled in the heart of the UK’s famed ‘Motorsport Valley’. Theon Design’s location means it is ideally placed to further develop its partnerships with high-end automotive suppliers, leveraging the region’s unparalleled motorsport and high-performance road car expertise.

Porsche 911_Theon Design_04
And then... it will look like this one

The facility is constructed on a multi-acre site and features a design studio along with production hall, enabling final assembly of multiple commissions to be carried out in parallel, as well as an engine build shop. The new building increases Theon’s footprint by 200 percent, with its previous HQ now repurposed to focus solely on restoration and hand forming of body panels. The new facility’s plot was also selected with the future very much in mind: surrounded by picturesque fields, the site has space for events and company open days, as well as ample capacity for expansion in the coming years as the business develops further.


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