A New Morgan With That Good Old Look To Commemorate A Victory From 60 Years Ago

Images: Morgan Motor Company

Yes, that is right—we are featuring a brand-new car, and not a historic vehicle. But because it commemorates a legendary class win from 60 years ago, and because the car looks like a vehicle from more than 60 years ago, we thought it would interest our readers.

Morgan Plus Four_24 Hours of Le Mans_01
In terms of design, the latest Morgan looks almost exactly the same as the one from 1962

It was just the other day that the Morgan Motor Company announced the launch of the Plus Four LM62, a model which celebrates the company’s famous class win at the 1962 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Based on the standard Morgan Plus Four and limited to just 62 examples, it pays tribute to the Morgan Plus Four SuperSports—known by its registration TOK 258—which took victory in the 2.0-litre class of the gruelling endurance race six decades ago.

Morgan Plus Four_24 Hours of Le Mans_02
The track though is wider…

The renowned TOK 258 was finished in dark green, while a particular shade of red was popular on motorsport Morgan vehicles of the time, and these two colours have inspired the hues available on the Plus Four LM62. A Heritage White hardtop—just like the one fitted to the famous race car—comes as standard, marking the first time this item has been available for the model.

Morgan Plus Four_24 Hours of Le Mans_03
…and thus the stance is even better

Further paying homage to the victorious Morgan is an LM62 graphics pack, which includes roundels with the number ‘29’—as per TOK 258—as well as an LM62 rear badge, silver-painted wire wheels, a Le Mans-style fuel filler cap and a domed rear panel. These touches are complemented by driving spotlights, body-coloured A-pillars, a black splitter and cowl mesh, polished stoneguard, black mohair sidescreens, a sidescreen bag embroidered with the LM62 logo, and an active sports exhaust with black tailpipes.

Morgan Plus Four_24 Hours of Le Mans_04
Even for the rear, the design remains true to that of the original

Inside, the model is adorned with an LM62 metal plaque, displaying the car’s unique build number from its run of 62 examples, along with LM62 laser-engraved black saddle-leather door pulls and headrests embroidered with the specially designed LM62 graphic.

Morgan Plus Four_24 Hours of Le Mans_05
The decals with the number and other badges are optional

Bespoke satin lacquer rubber mats with black vinyl edges, painted steering-wheel centre, and a tawny wood centre-tunnel top and dashboard come fitted to the LM62 as standard, while heated black leather comfort-plus seats with horizontal pleating, perforated seat centres and matching stitch colour, complete with leather wrapped seat backs complete the interior aesthetic.

To further personalise your Plus Four LM62, options include a soft-top hood, LM62-specific photographic build record, and an LM62 accessory pack which includes two-eared wheel spinners, a Moto-Lita steering wheel, headlight tape, and a chrome interior rear-view mirror.

Morgan Plus Four_24 Hours of Le Mans_06
Low, wide and dramatic, the Morgan Plus Four LM62 is a handsome car

Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company was quoted as saying: “The 1962 Le Mans class-winning Morgan Plus Four holds a special place in the hearts of Morgan enthusiasts, employees and owners around the world. It marked one of Morgan’s greatest motorsport achievements, the car covering more than 2,200 miles at an average running speed of almost 94mph, and triumphing—like David vs Goliath—over our bigger, and better funded, rivals of the time.”

The Plus Four LM62 is available from Morgan Dealers globally (in left- or right-hand drive) and with the choice of manual or automatic transmission, the Plus Four LM62 is on sale now. In the UK, it’s priced from £78,995 (almost Rs 80 lakhs).

Incidentally, Morgan produces an average of around 850 units per year, of which over 70 percent is exported. Its model range—comprising of the Three-Wheeler, Plus Four and Plus Six—is sold through 50 official dealerships in 32 countries. Do you think there is a market for Morgan in India? Let us know your thoughts.


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